100 Incredible before and After Weightloss Transformation

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These Incredible before and After Weightloss Transformations will Get You Motivated To Embrace Change

Getting motivated to embrace change in life sometimes can be hard to maintain,it  requires a solid source from which you can draw inspiration. In this article i bring you 100 incredible weight loss transformation from real ordinary women who said enough is enough to Feeling worthless, Unattractive and scorning comments from people close to them.

weightloss“It all started with a nagging headache” Says Jess a Norfolk Virtual Assistant. “After Seeing my GP all my fears were confirmed, my blood pressure was extremely high well above the red line. The GP advised me to immediately start taking medication for blood pressure which would eventually get rid of my headaches.

At the bottom of my heart i knew that something radical had to change in my life. I first promised myself never again will i turn to food for comfort. You see every time i was sad or upset food was my only way of comfort.

My WeightLoss Secret: Paleo Diet Plan

A thought of walking into my local gym in that frame squeezed into a gym suit frightened the heck out of me so i decided to commit to doing a few laps of walking round a park near by my house.  I quickly adopted new eating habits so i had to look for a better way that could give me a balance in terms of changes i was making. Paleo dieting was an appealing option to me.  60 days into my paleo dieting i felt so great to join the gym where i continued to loose weight, today i train 3 days a week and my life has never been so great than it is now.



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