13-Year-Old Missouri Girl Shoots Korean Couple Working In Beauty Store

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By David Boroff: A 13-year-old Missouri girl suspected of shooting and critically wounding a Korean couple in their 70s has surrendered to police.

The teen had shot the parents of the owner of King’s Beauty Supply in Bellefontaine Neighbors on Tuesday after she and another juvenile had been booted from the store earlier in the day for stealing, the Post-Dispatch reported.

When the girls returned to the shop, the couple called police, who found the girls in a nearby parking lot.

One girl was taken into custody on a previous juvenile warrant and the other was released with a warning with the couple’s approval, according to Detective Shawn Applegate.
The couple recovered the stolen items, believed to be hair extensions, and the shoplifting was not reported.

However, the girl who was given the warning returned again to the store and shot the couple, cops said. She came into the store, and “then less than a minute later came running out, swinging in her right hand a revolver as she ran,” a witness told authorities, according to the Post-Dispatch.

The teen turned herself into authorities on Wednesday after cops had deemed her armed and dangerous. She was taken to a local precinct by family members, the newspaper reported.

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