15-Year Old Confesses To Raping And Killing Baby Sister In Bolivia

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Jose Ramos 15, confessed to raping and killing his 3-year old baby sister who was reported missing last week Thursday, police officer Luis Barrios said.

Ramos went to the police station and confessed his evil deeds and later led the police to the place where he dumped the body.

“He led us to a nearby bushy area and pointed to us a shallow grave saying his little sister was there.” Barrios reported to the press.

The body was exhumed and it appears the minor was stabbed three times on the chest.

The associated press cites a source who claims after Ramos was arrested a mob of villagers went to the police station with stones and other weapons in an attempt to kill Ramos but the police  managed to control the angry mob and protected Ramos.

The police and judicial workers are scares in the rural areas of Bolivia where residents often take justice into their own hands, killings and lynchings are very common.

In 2013 a 17-year old was buried alive for suspected murder.



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