16-Year-Old Girl Accused Of Burying Baby Alive

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“A 16-Year-Old girl, Hannah Chimunda from Ntchewu allegedly buried her 12-month old baby and ran away.” Police said on Sunday.

Hannah dropped out of school when she discovered that she was pregnant and her grandparents advised her to keep the pregnancy at the time she wanted to have an abortion.

“Hannah gave birth to a healthy baby boy but she wasn’t happy about it. She hated the child.” A source reported to News Watch Reviews.

It is alleged that the accused buried her 12-month-old baby at a nearby bushy area near her home where she lives with grandparents. After the deed was done, she went to her neighbor’s home and confessed everything.

“Hannah came to my house crying, she told me she had Killed her baby. I didn’t believe her, I thought she was just saying but later on she led me to the shallow grave.” Chifundo, the neighbor reported to News Watch Reviews.
“After showing me where she buried the child, she ran away. I couldn’t see her anywhere.”

Chifundo reported the case to the police who later on went to the scene and exhumed the body.

The police are still searching for Hannah and they suspect the grandparents know something about her whereabouts.

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