17 People Die And 48 Others Injured In A Bus Accident In Zambia.

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A bus accident which involved a Kapena Bus Services on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 claimed 17 lives and injured 48 others after the driver lost control and fell off a cliff.

According to media reports from Zambia, Kapena Bus Services with registration number ABP 6303 was heading to Chipata, Eastern Province.

It has been established that the driver and the operator defied the provisions of the Statutory Instrument (SI) No. 76 which restricts the movement of Public Service Vehicles (PSV) at night.

It is also alleged that the operator has been operating outside the provisions of the SI No. 76 and the Agency has on several instances warned and impounded the operator for violating the law and the Zambian law enforcers will take appropriate action on the operator who is supposed to ensure that the buses or fleet team operate within the provisions of the law.

Meanwhile, Zambian Police have called upon all the travellers to report such violations to avoid road traffic accidents and to refuse to be commuted outside the approved driving hours under the law.



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