17-Year-Old Boy Hangs Self After Stabbing His sugar Mama For Cheating

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A 17-year old boy from Bulawayo allegedly stabbed his sugar mama several times and after that committed suicide in jail,

Austin Dzingirai saw his sugar mama, Magret Mpilo who is in her late 30s, kissing another man at a night club on Saturday.

Austin who had always suspected the cougar, then approached her and stabbed her several times using a small knife he always carried.

Magret was rushed to the hospital and is in a critical condition. Following his arrest, the teenager hanged himself at Bulawayo police station in a cell using a trap from his blanket.

“Austin used a trap from his blanket in the cell to hang himself from the window in the cell. He was sharing the cell with someone who we are investigating.” The police said.

Austin’s aunt believes that the teenager really wanted to open up about the attack when she visited him there in jail. She believes he didn’t commit suicide and that someone there in jail must have killed him.

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