19-Year Old Girl Hacked To Death For Refusing Sex

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By Samiulla Khan: A 19-year-old engineering student was brutally murdered by her boyfriend’s friend, because she refused to have sex with him. Aishwarya Rajkumar Agarwal’s body was found in a pool of blood yesterday, with more than 17 deep slashes, at a flat in the Om Sai co-operative housing society.

After doing the necessary panchnama, the Virar police have sent the body for post-mortem. They have also registered a case of murder against Deepak Wagri, who tried to rape her and then murdered her. According to the police sources, Aishwarya was a second-year engineering student of Viva College. She had been in a relationship with one Sohail Sheikh.

The flat where her body was found belongs to Deepak, who is Sohail’s friend. The couple had been meeting there for the last three days in the absence of Deepak, whose wife was also away. However, Deepak was at home yesterday when Aishwarya reached there to meet Sohail, who was yet to arrive there.

Caught with blood on his hands
Deepak forced himself on Aishwarya and tried to rape her. When she resisted, he killed her with an axe and fled from his home. However, he was stopped in his tracks by Sohail, who was just outside his house. Deepak was drenched in blood and Sohail knew something was amiss. Then, he saw his girlfriend’s body lying in a pool of blood.

He held onto Deepak and called other society members and then, the police. Deepak was arrested by the cops and after being interrogated, admitted to murdering Aishwarya. “We have registered a case of murder and arrested the accused Deepak Wagri,” said Inspector Younus Shaikh of Virar police station.

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