A 20 Year Old Woman Arrested For Burying Her Baby Soon After Delivery.

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Police in the northern district of Malawi, Mzimba are keeping in custody a 20 year old woman identified as Suzuka Mkhala for causing death to her baby soon after delivery.

Mzimba Police public relations officer Peter Botha told News Watch Reviews that a mother to the suspect Mrs. Chriss Tembo 41 years, of Sangazinje village under Traditional Authority Chindi in the district reported to the Police about the development.

“It was reported that the suspect was pregnant and delivered a baby on August 4, 2017 without knowledge of her parents. She then took the baby and burried it 50 meters away from her home”, said Peter.

The following day people were surprised seeing her without a baby yet she looked to have delivered, other people revealed that they saw her with the baby going to the nearby bush.

“The search was conducted by the community and found the baby who by then was dead. Police accompanied by the Health personnel visited the scene and confirmed that the suspect was pregnant and that has really delivered”, added Peter.

Suzuka Mkhala who is now in the hands of police and is expected to appear before court to answer charges of Concealing birth and Infanticide.

This is the second case of the same issue reported to police within a period of two months as a similar case involving Flora Chisambi 24 of Chilabi village in the area of Traditional Authority Chindi delivered a baby boy and dumped him in a pit latrine.

Meanwhile Police in the district is appealing to parents and guardians that they should keep an eye on their children especially girls who get pregnant then after they deliver they kill the baby.





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