22 Buses Set Ablaze, Shops Looted By Protesters In South Africa.

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Violent protesters in South Africa, especially in Mamelodi and Atteridgeville have set ablaze 22 buses, three cars and blocked roads with burning tyres following the recent announcement of the current ANC Mayoral candidate for Tswane city, Thoko Didiza.

Members of the ruling party, African National Congress (ANC), in Tswane are unhappy with the decision made by the top ANC members to nominate Thoko Didiza as a mayoral candidate to contest in the upcoming Local Government elections in August 2016.

“We are not happy with the decision taken by our ANC leaders by giving us the mayor we don’t want in our city. We want our Mayor Kgosientso Ramokgopa to remain in his position”, said Tswane residents.

This violence has escalated across Tswane and properties have been vandalised. Movement of the people in the city has also been infringed.
Some foreign owned shops in Soshanguve have been looted and some have been torched down.

ANC head of elections Nomvula Makonyane said the Tswane violence is unjustified  and the party does not conform to this approach taken by the Tswane residents.

“What is happening now in the city of Tswane is unfortunate incident, it shouldn’t have happened  and it doesn’t warrant any justification. We encourage the ANC and the Law Enforcement Agency to intervene and control this violence”, said Makonyane.

She further said if people are not happy with the nomination of the candidate, such issues can be addressed through their elections programme organised by the party.

Opposition parties in the country have also taken part in condemning the violence which has led to a stand still of businesses and other activities in the city.

“We condemn the violence which is taking place in our city. I call for calm so that it should not erupt to other areas”, said DA Mayoral candidate for Tswane, Solly Msimanga.

Msimanga further urged the ANC top members to stop the infighting which has been happening in the party, citing that it is fueling the violence into the streets.

There is a heavy police presence in Tswane who have been guarding some of the shops so that they should not be set ablaze by the protesters.

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