25 Must-know Snapchat Hacks And Hidden Features You Would Wish You Knew

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25 Unknown Snapchat Hacks Which You Should Know

Snapchat is an incredible platform, whether you use it for personal or brand growth. But it is also fair to say that it has a number of pitfalls that lead to its major potential being under-used as many Snapchat users fail to realize its full potential.

What I love even more about Snapchat is that it provides you with a great set of easy to use tools to optimize your experience, but it also features great customization options as well.
With that in mind, here are some of the best Snapchat hack or you can say tricks that you can start using right now!

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Snapchat is a real-time multimedia messaging application that has become one of the most favorite social media platforms for teens. Oh wait; why am I telling you this? We all have used and are using snapchat account day in and day out. It’s almost impossible for us to not to post pictures of where we live, what we eat and what we are we wearing today. Got a cute pet? I bet you post at least one story a day about that. Saw something great or funny while doing your normal work? SNAP it. But hey! Do you know some hidden tricks/hacks you could use to make a better story than that of your friend? Well, worry not, here we are to dive into the nitty-gritty of some awesome snap chat hacks one should know.

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2. Use multiple filters at once

You are not limited to using a single Snapchat filter each time. If you want to make your content more appealing, you can use multiple Snapchatfilters at the same time. This will make your videos refreshing and a delight to watch. Plus, you get to express yourself a lot better and that’s exactly what you want to have here!

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3. Give your snap a soundtrack.

Lots of Snapchat users don’t know this, but it’s one of the main Snapchat tips out there. You can easily add music to your snap if needed. Plus, you can also trim music when necessary to fit what you are doing.

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4. Record video without holding a down capture button

Snapchat doesn’t require you to hold the capture button in order to capture a video. All you need to press a button and that’s it, your snap will be captured shortly. You can set a timer for that if you want.

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5. Use location filters.

In case you want your snap to be localized, you can use the localization filters. These will make it easier for you to create fun snaps even if you are on the go.

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6.Make your Emojis huge and insert text.

Emojis are a significant part of Snapchat and you have to do all you can in order to express yourself through them. This platform actually allows you to increase the size of your emojis. You can create massive emojis and you can add text to them if you want. It really sets the tone for an entirely different snap, plus you can also add text to that large emoji if you want!

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7. Find Snapchat hidden color gradient.

Snapchat has a hidden color gradient. You just have to tap on the screen and hold it. Move in any direction and you will see the color change very fast. This will help create a very fun snap!

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8. Draw like a Pro- even and superfine lines.

Thanks to the dedicated editing tools, Snapchat allows you to superfine and even lines with no extra effort. It’s included with the great drawing tools provided by Snapchat!

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9. Record video without sound

You don’t have to use sounds when you record a snap if you don’t want that. You have an option that enables you to cut the sound fast and easy!

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10. Turn an emoji into a colorful filter.

Tap the emoji and you will be able to turn it into a filter with ease. It’s a very fast process and here you can modify color and other properties on the go.

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11. Change color of individual words and letters

You never have to keep using the same old letters and words. You can easily change the color of individual words by selecting the letter and changing its color from the menus above.

12. Add multiple lines of text to your snap.

Do you want your snap to have more than a single line of text? No problem, Snapchat helps you do that. You can quickly tap the Enter button and you will have the ability to create as many lines of text as you want.

13. save data and battery life.

Sometimes, Snapchat can eat up a lot of data. If you want to stay away from this problem, what you have to do is to turn on Travel mode. Not only will this help you save a lot of data, but it will allow you to save battery life as well.

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14. Create your own Geofilter.

Thanks to Snapchat you have the ability to create your own geo filter. These geo filters allow you to showcase your local community and connect with other people on the go.

15. Enable night camera mode

You don’t have to keep using the camera in regular mode if you plan on shooting during the night. Snapchat has a dedicated night camera mode that you can access from the main interface.snapchat sniffing

16. Draw impressive details by turning on your phone’s zoom feature.
If you want to zoom in as you shoot, you can do that. Activate the zoom feature to acquire impressive details fast and be amazed at the high quality and standard offered by your videos.

17. Use 3D stickers in videos.

Snapchat has a handful of great 3D stickers included in it and you can apply these to your videos. If you want to make your videos unique and worth seeing, this is the feature you want to use

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18. Replay snaps

Enter the list of snaps you received and you will have no problem replaying any of the snaps you have stored on your phone. Remember that these will be deleted soon.

19. Make your videos go fast, slow and rewind

One of the main Snapchat secrets is that it allows you to rewind, slow down or fasten up your videos. It’s an easy process and you can do that from the main interface after you shot your snap.

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20. Pin emojis to object your videos.

If you want to add some emojis to some items in your videos, you can do that. Snapchat helps you pin emojis to objects very fast and the results are second to none due to that reason alone. This will make your videos spark and it will also breathe life into your content!

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21. Use snapchat for voice and video calls

Although many users access Snapchat only for snaps, you can also use the platform for video calls and voice calls. It’s an incredible tool and one that you will appreciate quite a bit. Plus, it delivers a very good video and audio quality which is exactly what you want to have in this regard.

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22. Memorize your Snapchatprofile’s shareable browser link.

You can share your Snapchat profile with others. The platform enables you to tap and hold on your browser link and it can store it for safe keeping. This way you will be able to share your link with others whenever you want.

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23. Find out if another user follows you back.

It can be hard to find if another user follows you or not. But Snapchatenables you to do that. Visit their page, and if you see their snapscore, you will know that they follow you back.

24. Delete a snap from your history

This is really easy to do, all you have to access is the Snapchat history and here you can see all snaps. Go ahead and delete the ones you don’t want to have anymore.

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25. Share and edit photos stored on your phone in chat.

You just have to choose the option to attach content and then you can share as well as edit the photos you have on your phone. It’s an easy process and one that will bring in front an incredible value!

As you can see, Snapchat is filled with great features that you can access right away. With these great Snapchat hacks, you will have no problem accessing a very good set of results. You should consider using these tips if you want to make the most out of Snapchat!

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