3-Year-Old Girl Kidnapped And Raped By 42-Year Old Man

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A three-and-half year girl was allegedly kidnapped and raped by 42-year-old man at Gautam Nagar near Aarey in Mumbai.

The police have arrested the accused from Andheri Mahakali Caves area on Monday on the basis of CCTV footage and scanned imaged which was circulated at all police stations.

According to the Aarey police, the incident occurred on Saturday when the little girl was sleeping with her mother. Her other family members were watching the TV when she suddenly got up and went out of the house and forgot her way back home.

The accused who was passing by, allegedly picked her up after noticing that her parents weren’t around. He then took her to Kombat Pada forest area 3 km away from her house, raped and abandoned her there.

When the child couldn’t be found anywhere, her family got anxious and started to search for her. They informed the police. The locals found her and the police were then informed.

The survivor was immediately rushed to Sion hospital she is now under treatment and is recuperating said a police official from Aarey police station.

Based on the description provided few people who reside at Kombatpada area, a sketch was prepared and he was traced near Andheri Mahakali Caves area.

During interrogation it was revealed that the accused works as a labourer lives onthe footpath of Makahali Caves.
“We have booked him charges of rape and abduction, and also Protection of Children against Sexual Offences Act,” said a police official from Arey police station.”

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