A 45 Year Old HIV Positive Man Defiles And Infects A 4 Year Old Young Girl.

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A 45 year old man Peter Eliot is in a police cooler for allegedly defiling and infecting a 4 year old baby with the deadly human immune deficiency virus.

Police report made available to News Watch Reviews by Mchinji Police spokesperson Kaitano Lubrino stipulates the suspect who is on ARV treatment hails from Chisaka village in the area of Senior Chief Mkanda in Mchinji and was arrested on July 6 following revelations that were made after the mother of the victim noticed a strange size of the private parts of her baby.

“A day before his arrest the mother to the victim was bathing her child and that was the same time she discovered that her daughter’s private parts are not normal hence she called for the elderly to witness the ridicule”, said Kaitano.

The development angered them and it propelled them to report the issue to Gumba Police Unit where they were referred to Gumba Health Centre for examinations.

“A medical report from a health expert at the clinic revealed that the baby had been defiled for more than once and HTC test conducted at the facility indicated that the victim was infected”.

“Later, the victim disclosed and mentioned Peter Eliot to have responsibility over that. This report propelled the police to immediately institute a manhunt for the suspect”, added Kaitano.

The publist said preliminarily, in his statement Peter Eliot has confessed to police to have slept with the baby two times on expense of rituals after being instructed by a certain witch doctor to have carnal knowledge of a virgin, a belief that would cleanse him from his sickness and at the same time the act was like a medium for him to get riches.

Meanwhile, Malawi police in Mchinji have charged Eliot with an offence of defilement which is contrary to section 138 of the penal code and he will appear before court soon.





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