Malawians; Where Is The Love We Used To Share…?

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During my childhood days, I was taught by my parents, teachers and other elders that “LOVE” endures everything and brings people closer.

It is true that in love there is peace, unity and harmony. It was my wish that this love should prevail and bring unity amongst all Malawians.

However, the above statements have been proved wrong in our modern day world. That love we used to share has lost its flavour.

So many unusual incidences have been happening in our country, the country which was once considered as  a peaceful country, a country which people of all tribes used to share everything without considering which tribe a person is coming from.

The Malawi we know now has changed, merciless killings of our fellow human beings, “ALBINOS”, and defilement cases have taken a centre stage. Despite the government, police, faith community and civil society organizations condemning these killings and abductions of albinos, the message has been falling into deaf ears of some Malawians.

Sometimes I ask myself so many questions which I can’t even find answers by myself, should poverty and riches be the reasons behind all these killings, abductions and defilement cases my fellow Malawians..? These reasons do not add up, we were created with a loving heart, don’t let the devil build a permanent home in our hearts.

It is awkward to learn that people kill each other for their personal wealth. Where is the humanity we used to have..? Does it mean albinos are not people like us..?

Malawians; colour difference is not an issue, we used to be united before despite having different skin colours because we knew that we are all human beings.

We have been enemies of love ourselves, we have been enemies of progress, we have been enemies of unity. We were supposed to build the country together, but while some are busy building it, some are busy demolishing it. Is this the way to go..? I don’t think so.

Young girls are scared in their own country, they can’t walk freely because they fear being raped. Our fellow human beings, those born of albinism live in fear in their motherland, being scared of being killed or abducted.

Don't rape us
Don’t rape us.

Where should they go..? Where will they find peace..? Where will they be loved if they are not loved by those who surround them..?

These are some of the questions which each and every Malawian should answer on his own.
Let us promote love amongst ourselves. Let us bring back unity in our country, let us live together as we used to before.

We should all hold hands together, work hand in hand to combat such crimes happening in our back yards. If we can’t do it ourselves, then no one will do it for us.



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