49 Year Old Man Murdered By Unknown Criminals In Nkhotakota.

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Nkhotakota Police have launched an intensive manhunt for suspects who brutally murdered a 49 year-old man identified as Isaac Banda in Nkhotakota District.

News Watch Reviews understands that the deceased was an assistant accountant at Salima Education Office.

According to the police report made available to this publication by Nkhotakota Police relations officer Williams Kaponda, states that the incident occurred during the night of 30-31 July 2016 at Malasa village in the area of Traditional Authority Malenga Chanzi in the district.

“We received a report from the son of the deceased, Hannock Banda, 26, that his father has been killed by unknown criminals who stormed their home. We immediately rushed to the crime scene and found him lying dead in a pool of blood”, said Kaponda.

The report further demonstrates that on July 30, 2016, Hannock was left alone at home while his father went to visit his maize mill at Kalimanjira Trading Centre.

Whilst in the house at around 1800hrs, two unknown people entered into the compound and found Hannock preparing supper. They introduced themselves to Hannock as soldiers from Salima and they have come to see his dad whom they said he is having a secret affair with one of the guy’s wife and they have come to resolve the matter amicably.

The two criminals waited for Mr Banda who came back home at around 2000hrs. Both the father and his son were forced into two different bedrooms where they were tied with ropes after being threatened with a gun they were possessing

After a long hostage in the house until early hours of July 31, 2016, Hannock shouted for help and the villagers came in to rescue them, but unfortunately the 49 year-old man was found lying dead on the bed, both hands tied with a line, the head was covered with a green bathing towel while the neck was tied with a wire.

Postmortem conducted by the Nkhotakota District Hospital revealed that death was due to strangulation.

Investigations are underway to track down the culprits.



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