700 Dogs Poisoned In Karachi, Pakistan

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Carcases lying in Karachi.

Pakistan authorities poisoned stray dogs with the aim of curbing the populace of these canines in the city.

Describing the stray puppies as risk to inhabitants, authorities in the city of Karachi poisoned no less than 700 stray canines. Pakistan authorities said that several stray dogs have been poisoned in the operation that began in the current week over the city but yet did not have the precise numbers.

57a43f49c46188857c8b4567Dogs lying dead in Karachi.

As per Dr Seemin Jamali, leader of the crisis room said around 6,500 individuals beaten by these dogs were treated at Karachi’s Jinnah Hospital and this year so far it has seen 3,700 cases.

The DMC South commissioner, Muhammad Naeem said these stray dogs were poisoned in the entire of South disrict, including Saddar and Lyari. He said that they chose midnight of Wednesday and Thursday to do the horrifying killings, since meat markets are shut on Wednesdays because of which dogs don’t get anything to eat.

The periodic culling of dogs using poison tablets hidden in chicken meat has drawn criticism from animal rights activists in Pakistan, but another city official, Mohammad Zahid supported the operation saying it was necessary because packs of strays posed a threat to residents.

City workers began stacking the carcases of stray canines into a waste vehicle to clear the regions to maintain a strategic distance from smell spreading in the entire city.



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