80 Pupils Admitted For Food Poisoning In South Africa.

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Emergency light on vehicle

More than 80 pupils were admitted for eating food which was poisoned in Ekurhuleni, South Africa, Gauteng Health Department said in their announcement.

As indicated by the Eye Witness News in the country, it reported that the department said the pupils from the Tholulwazi Secondary School were taken to the healing facility subsequent to grumbling of stomach throb and loose bowels today.

It is understood that the pupils, who are all in various evaluations ate the food given by the school nourishing plan yesterday.

The Gauteng Health Department’s Steve Mabona said the group is as yet being checked in the wake of being released from doctor’s facility.

“In case of any inevitability, the children must be taken back to the doctor’s facility, yet as of now we have figured out how to take care of every one of them”, said Steve.



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