A British lesbian woman Sends Twitter Into Melt-down on The Jeremy Kyle Show After Revealing That Her Step-daughter Calls Her Dad.

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Twitter was sent into spiral after a UK lesbian woman ,Kelly appeared on a day television show“Jeremy Kyle” to support her wife Ally, who was arguing with ex-boyfriend Martin about access to their daughter.

Martin claims he hadn’t seen his seven-year-old since she was born and pounced on his ex girl friend by accusing her of using him as a sperm donor.

She now calls Kelly ‘dad’, something which shocked and baffled TV viewers.

Steve Phillips @eeviewonders Calling a woman dad is pretty twisted, wtf are these kids going to believe in when they’re older ?#JeremyKyle 10:37 AM – 17 Oct 2016
Calling a woman dad is completely out of order lamented Steve Phillipsnewswatch-kyle



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