A Call For African Unity After All African Delegates Were Rejected Entry Into The United States To Attend African Summit

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African Delegates Were Rejected Entry

The chairperson of the Summit Global Economic and Development Summit 2017, Mary Flowers, said about 100 guests including speakers and government officials from Sierra Leone, Guinea, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia and South Africa were all denied visas.
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The delegates who were invited to attend the University of Southern California’s African Global Economic and Development Summit 2017 in the United States were all denied visas.

In the past, about 40 percent usually get rejected, but this year it was 100 percent. The heartbreaking part is the summit was supposed to be Africa at the centre point, but Africans themselves were denied access to the event.

While the discrimination were at its highest point, African countries are denied visas the most to the United States, this is according to public data from the U.S. State Department.

Mary Flowers added “It is a discrimination issue with the African nations, This happens over and over and over, legitimate business people with ties to the continent are always rejected.”

Meanwhile the State Department was not available for comments, and the Summit on Africa which was scheduled for March 16 was cancelled due to the lack of Africans which was meant to be the vocal point.

Many African leaders and businessmen have been facing real rejections when it comes to acquiring visas to the United States for years.

As the new President Donald Trump issued executive order restricting people from six Muslim countries Somalia, Libya and Sudan from entering the country, getting visas to US by other African countries has become a thing of the past.

The said order was blocked by a judge after sparked protests in January.

Africans need to wake up and face reality, the reality that they are not wanted anywhere and begin to build on their unity and acceptance amongst Africans.

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