A Single Monkey Causes Nationwide Blackout In Kenya

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A monkey which fell on to a transformer at one of the hydroelectric power plants in the east African country, triggered a nationwide blackout on Tuesday.

The single monkey is said to have fallen from the roof of the  Gitaru facility on to the transformer after losing its balance.
The power plant is secured with electric fence to to keep out wild animals from getting access into the plant, but still this monkey found a way in.

After the incident, the company issued an apology to the nation, “we regret this incident and we will make sure we tighten our security at the plant so that no further incidents of the same should occur”, said the company.

Due to this incident, the company lost almost 180 megawatts of power which led to the blackout. The Gitaru Hydro-Electric Power station is the main provider of of electricity, it generates 80% of energy in the country.

The company restored power within four hours and took the surviving monkey back to the wildlife.

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