A tramp in London

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The recent visit to the UK by president Obama ended in a shakespearean 21 century allegory,any way you can put it as he became a victim of a racist tongue.

The antagonist:London mayor Boris Johnson…who called him a ‘hypocrite’

So initially the performer did not disapoint his audience until he spoke this:

“…it ¬†would be great if Britain remained in the EU,considering the history of the two…”
This statement clearly portrayed the American’s position on the proposed referendum scheduled June in the UK,that it was supporting David Cameron campaign,who did not hide but expressed his gratitude to Obama’s speech:

“..I as prime minister of the UK,am very ‘honored ‘for this man.my friend.Barracks saying how important for Britian to still stay in the UK.”

And that’s what sparked fire at downing street as the Mayor of London Boris Johnson had nothing but hate for this world icon:

“…he is a hypocrite…he dislikes the Uk…because his father was Kenyan..and with Britain’s history there…”

The  ramarks received both praise and criticism from both sides of the debate,as others are calling for the TV outspoken,and Britian loved mayor to withdraw his statement and apologize.

However this turn of events just spoiled Mr Obama’s last trip to Europe,and his private lunch with Queen Elizabeth II on her 90th birthday at windsor castle,before he leaves the white house on January 20 to either Old Bernie,her majesty Clinton,pastor Ted and Trump.
However the presidency legacy of the first Black…African-American (AA)president is yet to be seen whether it was just another AA dream to come true or just another celebration of an 8years lapse of political rhetoric in the UK and the world,taking into consideration the Libya crisis,Guantanamo prison,Racism,gun control etc.

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