Abducted Kamlepo Kalua Appears In A Drammatic Way.

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Another movie has just been released in Malawi and this time it has been acted by the most active politician of the opposition party, Peoples Party (PP), Kamlepo Kalua.

Malawians have been left in suspense after the appearance of the Peoples Party vice president Kamlepo Kalua who went awol a week ago.

The member of Parliament for Rumphi East was reported missing by family members and he has been found hands and legs tied with a rope at Kwacha round about in Blantyre.

According him, he claims that some unknown people just dropped him from the vehicle and he does not know where he had been.

This statement of the Parliamentarian who missed the opening day of the Perliament has left Malawians with more questions than answers.

On different media platforms, Malawians have described this situation as a dramma in which Kalua is the main character.

His appearance to the public after one week has brought some doubts to many if he was really abducted as he was found with new clothes, well shaved beards, a jacket hanged on his shoulders and nice takkies.

Another important thing which does not add up on his statements is that he said he doesn’t know the abductors and where he was but he was not blind folded or even got hurt when he was thrown out of the car as he claims.

Kamlepo disappeared last week soon after the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) issued a statement that some of his cars should be taken to their offices as it was reported that he was evading tax.

His missing brought mixed reactions in Malawi who started pointing fingers at each other citing that it is a political issue.



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