Aford Calls Joyce Banda’s Warrant Of Arrest Another Political Gimmick Aimed At Fooling Malawians.

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The Revamp Aford Movement have openly critised the Malawi government for failing to take to account those leaders who have been involved in miscelleneous criminal activities in the country.

In their statement RAMO said it is worried that this warrant of arrest issued against the former Malawi president Joyce Banda is just another gimmick that will lead Malawi nowhere but aimed at fooling Malawians.

“RAMO has noted that Malawi police service has obtained the warrant of arrest for former President Joyce Banda, as RAMO we are delighted to a certain extent knowing that all Presidents have done the same in the past but without the accused being convicted”, read part of their statement.

RAMO further said the ruling government is playing games aimed at making them believe that the government is doing all it can to curb the parasite which has been secretly eating Malawi known as “corruption” but their history is opposite.

“For example, former state President Dr Bakili Muluzi is still a free man after being the accused for more than a decade. We hold the popular belief that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government is using this case to gain political mileage and persecute the competition”.

The revamped party further said that they want the DPP led government to feed Malawians with a big humble pie by prosecuting all the those who have broken the law including the famous former Agriculture Minister George Chaponda who has been involved in a recent maize-gate saga.

“RAMO will be very happy to see those who are involved in CORRUPTION behind bars and pay back the money which was meant to help the less priviledged. We have welcomed the warrant to arrest Dr Joyce Banda but we are treading carefully knowing that all former presidents have gone through the same thing but none has been prosecuted”.

The Malawi Police Service (MPS) on Monday , July 31, 2017 obtained a warrant of arrest against former President Joyce Banda in connection with the cashgate scandal.

Joyce Banda was a Malawi leader from 2012 to 2014 and went into self-imposed exile after losing 2014 tripartite elections to the current ruling party, the DPP. An independent audit analysis funded by the German government established that over K550 billion was unaccounted for during the period that Joyce Banda was president.

Malawi Police Services National Spokesperson James Kadadzera said in a statement that the warrant of arrest has been issued against the former president over cashgate cases in which huge sums of money were looted.

According to a statement signed by James Kadadzera stipulates that the law enforcers through its Fiscal and Fraud Section conducted investigations on the suspected involvement of the Peoples Party president Joyce Banda in cashgate cases and unearthed credible evidence.

The statement says the evidence gathered raises reasonable suspicion that the former president committed offences relating to abuse of office and money laundering.

“Since there is a need for investigations to question the former president on the suspected offences, a warrant of arrest was issued against her. This warrant of arrest is in force and necessary legal formalities are being pursued”, read part of the statement.

James Kadadzera said the warrant has been made public because the issue of cashgate is in the public interest therefore he wants Malawians to know how far they have gone with their investigations.













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