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Africa…my Africa…

A continent carved out of glory

Enriched with fertile soil on which

the world grow

Decked with bronze, embedded

with gold, crowned with ivory

The greener pastures land, the land

milk flourish and honey flow,

Africa! The land of lands, the

mother of the lands

The cradle civilization took its first


A land of bounteous harvest: where

the rain wet,

And the sunshine nurtures what we


Africa…my Africa…

A land where culture, heritage,

tradition are ever flowing ripples

A relief for hospitality, a tabernacle

for harmony and peace

With people of diverse culture, yet

living and united as one people,

Africa! The jewel, God’s Golden


A land harboured by people of

great favour and dreams

A land where great heroes were

first raised

A land of hope where smiles and

opportunity reflects its


I AM PROUD TO BE AN AFRICAN.13246221_972714399490797_8574971582331172334_o


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