“Albino killings”, A wake up call to traditional change in Africa

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The horrors of albino killings in Africa is yet another nightmare of traditional values versus human rights.

The united nations have even urged the Malawi government to declare a state of emergency over albino killings.

Malawi has only a population of about 17million according to the national statistical census as of 2010,but the albino population does not reach a million.

Eventhough Tanzania and other eastern African countries the albino killings for riches is not news,but for the Malawi people who much of the culture is driven by cultural leaders.

This record wave of attacks to albino killings is a wake up to tradition with instances of a father murdering his baby of only a year and 11 months, according to Kasungu district police.

The albino community is living in fear,and the UN warns for their ‘disappearance in the country permenately.’

President Mutharika has put an effort to criticize the brutal acts,by engaging other sectors including the media,little seem to change.

There are even places where the bones of an albino were exhumed from a graveyard in which the penalty mostly is mob justice.

One of the grandfathers to two children Charles Mhone reached a point of asking the ministry of education office to ‘ transfer his children to a better school where security willbe provided with most certainty.’

That followed an instance where an albino girl went for a holiday,and while at home she was asked to meet her Uncle who lives in another video only to be murdered there.

However when albino markets ‘do not exist ‘ according to the Malawi police.

Poor villagers are promised billions by there so called buyers.

But whether it is true that people on the African continent make money by selling albinos for wealth.
The job left to the government is to sensitize the masses who much of their belief is rooted in black magic and blood money evidenced in the growing number of rich people in this developing nation and continent.

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