Almost 51 People Killed In DRC Clashes Over Kabila’s Power Hungry Actions.

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Several civilians, including policemen have been killed in DRC during clashes between the Police and protesters who claim Joseph Kabila is planning to remain in power.

Following the deadly clashes, the Government of DRC has banned the demonstrations against President Kabila but residents say they will continue protesting so that they should have a free and fair elections.

“Joseph Kabila does not want to leave this country and does not want to organise elections. This is why we have taken into the streets to demonstrate for a free and fair 2016 elections”, said some protesters.

Police opened fire and tear-gas to disperse the protesters who are not backing down.

Addressing the audience, DRC interior Minister Evariste Boshab said its a painful death toll from the barbaric attacks which are happening in the country.

“These are painful deaths happening in our country and it needs to stop because we cannot condone such things to be happening”, said Boshab.

The minister confirmed the death of the people saying that some were policemen, of which one was burned alive by civilians and other peole were severely wounded by gunshots during the riots.

Opposition leaders have voiced concerns over Joseph Kabila’s plans to delay elections in November inorder to hold onto power.

Kabila’s term ends in December and he is barred by the constitution to stand for another term. Joseph Kabila took power in 2001 and he has won two elections.

In May, the Constitutional Court said Kabila could remain in office in a caretaker capacity until an election is held, triggering a wave of angry protests.


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