Americans Protest Against Donald Trump As The American President.

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“We don’t want you, you must go because you are a racist”, says protesters in the US.

Is it too late for Americans to go into the streets..?

Will Trump build the country or destroy it.?

Do Americans have hope in him or they feel unsafe?

These are some of the questions circulating in people’s minds after the election results were announced on Wednesday.

Few hours after the Republican nominee Donald Trump was elected as the new President of the United States of America, there have been protests across the country demanding the president elect to step down.

People are seen carrying placards written “you are a racist, we don’t want you”.

The anti-Trump protests have caused havoc and brought traffic into a standstill in major cities of the country including Los Angels, Atlanta, Portland, Oregon, Richmond, Virginia, Boston, Washington and people are chanting “not my president, not today, you must go”.

Protestera are expressing fear for the fate of women and minorities under Donald Trump’s rule.

Some Americans are worried that Donald Trump with insitute some laws which will make so many people go back into prison and sexism will be bubbling in the country.

Despite a campaign which was full of hatred from Trump, but he has promised Americans that he will bring back their hopes. He said he will boost the economy of the country and create jobs and make Americans enjoy their living in their own country.

Trump won the elections on Wednesday after beating his closest rival Hillary Clinton to become the 45th American president.

On Thursday Trump will meet the out-going president Barrack Obama at the White House to discuss the handover of power and he will formally become president in January 2017.

During his campaign, Trump promised Americans that his first task will be;

  • Repeal every Obama executive order.
  • Start work on building a wall boardering Mexico.
  • Renegotiating the North American free trade area.
  • Dismantle Obamacare.
  • He will also scrap the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal.
  • He will give his generals 30 days to finish off ISIS.


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