Android Apps Store-Six Android Apps You Wont Find In Android Apps Download Area In Play Store

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Android apps store is the place where everyone downloading android app will always go to the Play Store, however, the play store isn’t the only place that you can find android apps.
With that in mind, here are six secret android apps you won’t find on the Play Store


If you want to block ads on your phone and why wouldn’t you? There are plenty of different options both are rooted and nonrooted phones
however, adguard is one of the best that I’ve found that creates a
powerful firewall which will stop adverts showing on your phone.

This works both in the mobile browser and within applications so you’re not going to get the annoying pop-up ads that you normally have to suffer from a lot of free apps.

It’s incredibly customizable you can choose exactly which adverts you want to see i normally use it so the unobtrusive out still show
this means i get the best experience and developers still get money.


This android app is running through a VPN so it will slow your internet down slightly but all in all this works fantastically well.


You probably use the amazon app on your phone but did you know there’s another amazon app called amazon underground?
You can download this android app along with all these other android apps only if you know where to download them from.

This will let you get paid applications for free and it’s completely legal that’s right this is completely legal and you can download literally thousands of pounds worth of applications for free.

Take Radar droid pro for example, which is normally five pounds fifty (£5.50) in the Play Store, retails for nothing on the amazon underground app.

Similarly, you can get monument valley which is normally three pounds for free and you can get games like Badlands free as well and it’s not just the initial app you can get for free you can even get in-app purchases for free.

As if that wasn’t enough, from the amazon underground app you can
also, download amazon video and this will let you use Amazon’s premium prime video streaming service on any android phone.

Normally this is limited to kindle and Amazon devices but if you go ahead and download it from the underground store you can just play on whatever you want.

If any of you guys is from China or if you’re particularly into the modern community you might know that miui phone or miui however its pronounced, it used to be a very very popular custom rom and one of the best applications that came with the OS was merely music this is completely fully featured music player where you can search for pretty much any music you want you’ll be able to find it but the really cool thing is that the music you can actually download songs.


Most of the app is in Chinese but if you start searching for songs you’re going to be able to find them even if you don’t speak a word of it and that’s pretty much it is a music player which lets you download whatever song you want FREE.


Next, up we have Showbox and this is a very very popular video in TV streaming app popcorn time for some reason is still live on the Play Store and I have no idea why and I imagine google at some point got rid of it but if you want an option which probably isn’t going to go
away then Showbox is a really good one. You can download or stream your favorite movies Or your favorite TV shows again.

Not telling you to do it, just saying if you want to do it the option is out there and then finally on this list is an app which is very very
close to my heart and this is youtube downloader I absolutely love the stock android youtube app but one thing I wish it had was the ability to download and that’s exactly what youtube downloader does which is something you probably would have guessed from the name.

You can download which ever YouTube video you want in all of these different formats so if you want to download a youtube video in 1080p you can or if you just want to download the mp3 and just have the audio you can do that too.
It works really really well and I know there are other youtube downloaders out there like snap tube and a few others the names of which I’ve forgotten but youtube downloader is my absolute
personal favorite.

So there you are, guys, those are some of my favorite forbidden fruit apps that you will not find on the Play Store.

Let me know in the comments below which android apps is your
favorites and if you’ve got any other suggestions I’m planning at least
another model two parts to this series so if you comment below with a really good app then it may well make it into the next article.

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you haven’t already and as always I’ll make sure you guys get awesome tips in the next piece of article

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