Another Kwazulu Natal in Malawi

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By Malchus Nzima

Mzimba is one of the largest district in the northern part of Malawi,that also holds the largest population of the Ngoni people,but that is about to change as some people are calling for the division of the district.

It is populary not news in the public domain that the reknown is also a kingdom,and a protectorate.

In 2012 a group called Mziha fisted the  government reminding it to consider the districts sovereignity.

According to secretary for Mzimba heritage association (Mziha) Ndabazake Thole trashed calls for the division of “Mombela kingdom” saying any such calls are rooted in misconceptions,and lack of a well informed history of the kingdom.

“by its ngoni definition Mzimba is a body,and you are telling me if a hand is cut off from the main body will function on its own? definately not,so if the hand failed to get fat when it was part of the body evidence is there it will not mean a thing”

Thole also alluded to the fact that as per the constitution of the kingdom,no one has the mandate to even stand and utter such statement,because even the “government of Malawi is aware of the kingdoms legitimacy ”

However there is still a minority group of politicians and non governmental organizations calling for the division of the district into small local councils for the better sharing of resources.

One local councillor Ng’oma said he did not see any problem to the idea of dividing the district as it is known.

“the district has only one secretariat,Mbelwa district council and that’s the hub where all resources are shared,and that’s where the problem eminates as my area receives little or no money for development.”

Meanwhile any change is yet to be seen regarding the cause,as government and the districts Amakhosi’s led by Inkosi ya Makhosi Mbelwa V have not come out to end this unsettling winds once and for all.

The history of Mzimba district dates back as early as the 1900s as an agreement was reached between the colonial masters and Inkosi ya Makhosi II for the district to be declared a protectotate.

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