Another Person Resurrects From The Dead In Malawi.

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Unexpected develpoment occurred in Mulanje after a former student at Namulenga Community Day Secondary School (CDSS) which is situated in Mulanje District is said to have risen after 20 years in the grave.

According to our sources from Mulanje, they said that the young lady passed on in 1997 and she was seen being buried by all relatives.

As the memories of her demise vanished away, on Wednesday she was seen by one woman whom she was following.

The lady was shocked with what she saw and she took her to Namulenga Police station to help her find her relatives since was not talking at that specific time.

Police in the district took her to Mulanje Health centre for treatment. They later on made a few inquiries about her relatives and fortunately they were found and they identifed her.

Her relatives have confirmed that their child was buried 20 years ago and they were astonished to hear that she is still alive. It is still not known where she was since she does not even utter a word right now.

In the mean time she is still at Mulanje healing facility getting treatment.





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