Arsene Wenger’s Top Four Defence Starts With A Humiliation.

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Sadio Mane signed by Liverpool.

Arsene Wenger’s top four finish started with an embarrassing defeat to Liverpool on Sunday evening.

The unarmed Reds attacked the Gunners at their own back yard and thumped them 4-3, leaving Arsenal supporters holding their heads.

Wenger’s philosophy of fighting for a top four position than becoming a champion, has started haunting him as the supporters needs a trophy to wipe their long time tears.

Despite scoring first through Theo Walcott, Liverpool replied quickly through Phillippe Coutinho with a well taken free kick which left Arsenal’s goalkeeper, Petr Cech helpless.

This goal made Liverpool to start mounting pressure on the Gunners and they managed to score three more goals.

There were outstanding team goals from from the Liverpool’s new signing Sadio Mane, Adam Lallana and Phillippe Coutinho who had an outstanding game on the opening day.

The Emirates team tried to make ends meet but two goals from Alexander Chamberlain and Calum Chambers were not enough to turn the tables.

On Sunday, Arsenal’s three central defenders, Per Metersacker, Laurent Koscielny and Gabriel were missing due to injury.

Arsenal supporters have been crying out loud every season looking for the Barclays trophy which they last won in 2004. Some supporters have been calling upon the management to terminate Wenger’s contract and bring another coach to the Emirates, but nothing tangible has happened.

Every season Wenger has been quote saying he wants his team to finish on position four so that they should be qualifying for the Champions league.

Since Wenger started coaching Arsenal, they have been qualifying for the UEFA Champions league but he has never won a champions league trophy.



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