Azania And Now Sidik Mia ? Is This A Stroke Of Marketing Genius Solitude Or Freedom Plain Stupid?

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For me, freedom of time and location when it comes to making money online and finally building my own business from home entails more than the human capacity to act spontaneously and creatively in public.

The degree of poverty I have been exposed to gave me an opportunity to realize that the capacity to think and to judge in private, where solitude empowers the individual to contemplate his or her actions and develop her conscience was needed in order to escape the cacophony of the crowd – to finally hear herself think.

I have few friends who can stand me, I get bored quickly and am super critical of my time so If I don’t send you a Xmas card, it’s not that I don’t appreciate your company, chit chats are just not my thing!

You see my trouble is not necessarily liking the other person, It’s what I see in a person who does not know that silent intercourse (in this case I do not mean literally, rather in which we take time to examine what we say and what we do) will not mind contradicting himself, and this means he will never be either able or willing to account for what he says or does; nor will he mind committing any crime, since he can count on its being forgotten the next moment.

This is why I have had an issue with recent politics and the state of affairs in developing countries.

I mean, are people in developing countries so stupid that they have shunned Socratic self-reflection? Because if your answer is no, then I want you to tell me if voting for Buhari has any positive impact on Nigerian people?

How about Jacob Zuma who in my opinion I think has failed to return home to himself, to a state of solitude and really reflect on what a typical 20 years old South African wants out of a government in power.
Is the subject of changing South African National Name to Azania really worth the salt?
According to Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa, who wants to lobby the ANC to begin a discussion on finding a suitable name for South Africa, believes that Mandela’s born free generation voters would prefer changing country names than job creation.

Mthethwa, who is also an ANC NEC member was replying to calls made by a Molweni resident to discuss the issue of the country’s name during the party’s national policy conference at the end of the month.

Surprisingly Mthethwa told party supporters at a cadre meeting on Sunday that South Africa was not the name of the country, but just “a geographical description of where we are”.

And if you travel south east to Malawi, you will find political prostitution at a grand scheme.

Unlike Bhekisisa Khanyeza in South Africa, who said it was unacceptable for a free country to continue with a colonial name. Very little is being discussed in Malawi regarding the behavior of party-hopping of Sidik Mia, change golo and many others who skip from one political party to the other in the name of defection.

Does Sidik Mia really have philosophical beliefs behind his political prostitution?

Politicians like these have no place in a modern democracy. They have no moral campus and have literally discarded the vita contemplativa, and thus they have failed to embark upon the essential question-and-answering process that would have allowed them to examine the meaning of things, what and how it really looks from a different perspective.

This alone would have allowed them to distinguish between fact and fiction, truth and falsehood, good and evil.

If you are asking for my opinion about the ruling parties? Don’t vote for DPP and don’t re-elect Sidik Mia into Parliament regardless of which party he defects into.
And here is why…

It is better to suffer wrong than to do wrong,’ As a famous thinker once wrote, ‘because you can remain the friend of the sufferer; who would want to be the friend of and have to live together with a murderer?

Kingdom mentality and a political dynasty is the worst enemy of our weakened democracy. It is stiffening progressive development across Africa and it must be dealt with like murderers.’

Frankly speaking, It is not that unthinking men like Sidik Mia are monsters, rather the sad sleepwalkers of the world who empower and promote them. They would sooner commit political suicide by voting along party lines than face themselves in solitude and vote for fresh Ideologies and forward thinkers.

ANC, on the other hand, is completely out of touch with the entire electorate and here is why…

The majority of South Africa’s voting power today is in the youth vote, and this vote has just about enough knowledge relating to colonialism or cares less about political struggles of the 90s.

If you want to capture this voting block, do not talk about colonialism. The under-20s in South Africa are worried about jobs, Higher Educational costs and how they will fit in the globalized economy, where a 20 something young man or woman in the outskates of Joburg is able to execute million dollar trading deals with another individual in Chennai India or Guangdong in China.

Do you really think this group of voters cares whether the name South Africa means anything in our traditional language or they care more if the government would be proposing for super-high speed internet connections

If ANC wants to have this conversation then it is only good to also realize that the discussion boards have changed from the street on to online platforms like facebook and twitter or Snapchat.

South Africans like others across the globe now live in a hyper-connected world, a world in which we can communicate constantly and instantly over the internet.

If political leaders deliberately choose to ignore or simply bypass the social fora by not carving out spaces for social solitary contemplation, then are at risk of leaving behind an entire next generation.

We now live an entire lifestyle where we check our email hundreds of times per day; we shoot off thousands of text messages per month; we obsessively thumb through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, aching to connect at all hours with close and casual acquaintances alike.
We search for friends of friends, ex-lovers, people we barely know, people we have no business knowing. We crave constant companionship. But above all, it’s our own way of living. Away from all the political noise and political-party-hopping.

Discussions regarding the history and the future of South Africa is very much welcome and of course a good thing to have, but if we lose our capacity for solitude and questioning the arterial motives behind the change to Azania, our ability to be progressive developing country is hampered by futile debate, and then we lose our very ability to think as a proud nation, not a former colonial or whatever.

We risk getting caught up in the crowd. We risk being ‘swept away by what everybody else does and believes in’ – no longer able, in the cage of thoughtless conformity, to distinguish ‘right from wrong, beautiful from ugly’.

Only in Solitude state of mind, one is able to see that who we are is a collection of events or history. An essential aspect of the development of an individual’s consciousness – and conscience – but also a practice that prepares one for participation in social and political life.

Just as much as Kamuzu Banda is a thorn in other people,s memory, and past life. To many, Kamuzu Banda was also a hero and matriarch, so the question is how do we strike a balance?

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