Beauty Queen Allegedly Threatened By CHRIS BROWN Lost Her Crown

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By Ginger Adams: Baylee Curran, the woman at the center of singer Chris Brown’s latest police drama, is a former pageant winner who was stripped of her crown.

Curran, 24, likes to fill her Instagram feed with pictures of herself boasting a “Miss Regional California 2016” sash and tiara.

She also claims to hold the 2016 Miss California USA Ambassador title — but a pageant organizer said Curran’s claims are as false as her sweet smile.

“She won in April but we stripped her of the title in June. She is not Miss Regional California 2016,” said CEO Lowona Crawford. “We have asked her many times to please return the sash and crown, but she has ignored us.”

Crawford also said Curran never even competed in the Miss Ambassador pageant.

“We don’t know why she says she won that,” Crawford said.

Curran, who grew up in Norco, Calif., horse country, was dethroned for breaking a moral clause in her contract.

“She knows we are very upstanding … if you can’t be a role model for this organization, you will be dethroned. Let’s just leave it at that,” Crawford said.

Curran, who has come under intense social media fire for sparking Brown’s standoff with Los Angeles police, defended herself in a pouty Instagram video Tuesday.

“Do you all honestly think that I wanted this and that I caused this?” Curran asked the camera.

“If someone put a gun to your head what would you do? Call the police,” she said in the short clip.

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