Big Brother Season What…..?

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With Donald Trump and everything that is going on in America, you would think that America has a lot of reality shows to entertain them. Unfortunately that is not enough! Apparently Canada’s Big Brother season five has put together an ensemble of failed wanna-be celebrities to go head to head with Trump in a fight for Viewing ratings across the north Americas! Is Big brother program still valid these days…..?

So Is Who In Canada’s Big Brother Season 5

Neda hopes to strike it lucky twice after splitting from her best friend she fell in love when they first met in BBCAN2. Neda insists there not much love lost between Jon and her as they were friends first before trying it out in bed, they still remain friends.

















Gary Levy 25 years From Toronto

via female first

Gas, another desperado from Toronto, who was the runners up in the previous season thinks the mistake made by one of the panel jurys can be corrected this time. Not much has changed except for the landscape of adoring fans of gas however gas is convinced that second time lucky is the way to make it big in this industry.















Kelvin Martins-Professional Poker Player who is 25 Originally Fro Calgary

He had to come back, having worked full time as a professional poker player following his first time in the BBCAN house. Saying he is still haunted by some of his previous school boy errors, recognizes the mistakes he made the first time round, he says that ‘this time I want to get to know people deeper on a personal level’. It ‘bugs’ Kevin that no one from Western Canada has won the show, and so hopes to bring the title home for everybody there










Emily Hawkin A 23 Yr Old Musician And Server From Toronto

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