Birmingham Is Said To Be Rat Capital Of Britain

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The City of Birmingham has been haunted by the ever growing population of rats. The city famous news agency Birmingham Mail also describe B31 Postcode as the most affected area.

Over 630 requests have been made by residents in B31 from January to November 2016 for rat control. This is a total of two request a everyday by residents who have rat problems. Most of these calls are either for rats in the garden and in their property.

Residents were able to film rats in their gardens and in their homes, with a film from a shopper showing rats in Morrisons store in Birmingham.

Since 2015 B31 has ranked No.1 as rat infested area and B8 in Saltley and Ward End ranking 2nd with over 570 calls for rat related issues.

The B11 postcode covering Sparkhill and Sparkbrook ranked 3rd with over 530 calls for rat related issues.

The Pest control experts also ranked Birmingham as the worst infested city in Britain.

It is also revealed, One in ten rented homes are infested with mice and rats.

List Of Postcodes Affected with Rats And Number of Calls In 2016

A total of 10,307 complaints and calls for rat problems.

B31-635,  B8-571,

B11-534,  B32-482,

B33-417, B9-381,

B44-370, B13-366,

B29-365, B14-348,

B21-315, B38-296,

B30-285, B23-283,

B20-282, B24-256,

B24-241, B12-233,

B45-228, B26-221,

B28-206, B6-202,

B73-199, B42-198,

B19-188, B27-183,

B16-183, B17-181,

B74-175, B75-164,

B10-160, B18-159,


B15-148, B36-134,

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