Black Mamba Kills 8-Year- Old Boy

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A primary school pupil has been bitten to death by a black mamba as he returned from school in Chipinge.

Macdonald Simango (8), a Grade Three pupil at Chipangayi Primary School was bitten on the right ankle by the snake as it emerged from a nearby sugarcane estate. Macdonald’s mother, Mrs Fan Nhengwa, was shocked by her son’s death.

She said her son was rushed to hospital on time, but claimed that authorities at the hospital had not given him the required medication at the time of his death.

“Macdonald was returning from school in the company of five other children around 3pm — when the unsuspicious children stepped on the snake. This provoked the black mamba, which then bit Macdonald on his right leg.

“They then rushed back to school and lodged a report to the deputy head (one Mr Mtisi), who summoned for help and then proceeded to the scene where they eventually stoned the reptile
to death. “The school head, a Mr Mokore, rushed Macdonald to Chipinge District Hospital using his car. The nurses and doctors attended to my son and administered acloxacini and hydrocortisone drugs on him, and this normalised his condition briefly.

“They advised me that they will not further attend to him since his condition had normalised. His condition suddenly deteriorated and he died. He was supposed to receive an anti-venom drug, but it was too late. I hope if they had administered that drug earlier my son would be alive,” said Mrs Nhengwa.

Source: Manica Post

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