Blantyre City Clock Tower Roman Numerals Debated On Social Media.

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The recently elected Blantyre clock tower has conveyed blended responses to Malawians after finding out that the Roman numerals have not been scribed the way some expected.

Blantyre City Council joined forces with Charter Insurance Malawi Limited to bring back the long awaited Clock Tower in the City and it began functioning this week.

After a careful inspection, Malawians have discovered that the Roman numerals on 1600hrs have been scribed “IIII” instead of “IV”, a situation which has sparked some open deliberation via different social media platforms.

Some have depicted the Clock Tower as a cheaper item not worth the amount it is alleged to have been used which is almost MK25 million. Yet, some have defended it saying that there is nothing amiss with the writtings.

In an unforeseen development, Blantyre City Council reacted to the issue saying that the Roman numeral is not incorrectly spelt but rather it has been acknowledged globally. They additionally said that the old clock tower had a comparable IIII and not IV, therefore it should not be taken as a careless mistake but a well composed facility.

The Council is encouraging all Malawians to be proud citizens of this lovely City of Blantyre by taking care of the facility.

The Clock Tower will help the City residents to with time during their daily endevours.


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