Boniface Kalindo Summoned By DPP Over Remarks Of Planning To Kill Him.

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Mulanje South Constituency member of Parliament, Honourable Boniface Kalindo was summoned by the ruling party Democratic Progressive Party over allegations that the party wsa  planning to kill him over  semi-naked demonstrations which he organised on June 23, 2016.

The outspoken and fearless Kalindo took to the streets of Lilongwe with thousands of Malawians to protest against  the abductions and killings of people living with albinism in the country.

However, these protests irked the DPP, as it led to his eviction at a political  rally  which was held at Limbuli Trading Centre where the president was addressing the audience.

During the rally at Limhuli,  some DPP members dressed down Kalindo saying he has betrayed the party and he is no longer considered as a DPP member.

After the eviction, Kalindo, famously known with a stage name as “Winiko”, alleged that the ruling party was planning to kill him, which the party’s publicist Francis Kasaira swiftly dismissed.

This statement released by Kalindo made the Democratic Progressive Party to summon hin and face a disciplinary action.

The DPP publist, Francis Kasaira said every member has the right to hold demonstrations, but it’s not fair to accuse the party of planning to kill him.

“Every person has the right to hold demonstrations provided he has followed the right protocols. But we will not condone someone painting bad image of the the party”, said Kasaira.

Kalindo was criticised by the party for holding demonstrations without the president’s concert. The DPP officials said they tried to talk to Kalindo not to hold the semi-naked demonstrations but he went on, describing him as a betrayer.


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