BRAZIL: Olympic Games Should Be Moved Or Delayed Due To Zika Virus.

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More than 150 health experts on Friday signed a letter which urges the World Health Organisation (WHO) to move or delay the Olympic games from Rio De Janeiro because of the recent outbreak of Zika.

Part of the statement in their signed letter said that it is risky to let the games played in the host city which is prone to mosquitoes which spreads the virus and this will speed up the virus around the globe. The experts are also worried with pregnant women who will be travelling to Brazil citing that they are more likely to be halted by this disease.

In retaliation to the letter from the health experts, the World Health Organisation has rejected the the call to move or delay the Olympic games over Zika virus.

The Organisation said this would not alter any significant spread of the virus if precaution measures have been followed.

People have been travelling between these countries for a quiet sometime despite the outbreak. The most important thing to avoid it is to follow public health travel advice”, said WHO.

The International Olympic Committee has also supported this statement by saying that there is no need of moving or postponing of the event which will take place between 5 and 21 August 2016 because the number of of mosquitoes which carries Zika virus has decreased.

The Zika disease outbreak started almost a year ago in Brazil and health officials say it has affected almost 60 countries.

Zika virus disease is caused by the Zika virus which is spread to people primarily through the bite of an infected Aedes mosquitoes. The common symptoms of this disease are fever, rash, joint pain, headache and red eyes (conjunctivitis).

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