BREAKING NEWS: Chancellor College Has Been Shut Down.

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Chancellor College of Malawi has been shut down on Tuesday with immediate effect. This is according to the letter written by the school’s authorities.

The school powers have exhorted all students at the grounds to leave by 4pm on Tuesday.

Chancellor College students have been on strike dissenting the expense trek which the University of Malawi Council (UMC) affected a month prior. The strike is gone for driving college powers to cancel the choice of raising the school charges.

The Chancellor College Principal Richard Tambulasi has called the student’s strike “unprocedural” in light of the fact that the schollars did not take after the right techniques of requiring a general get together which is 48 hours.

“We told the students that the exhibitions they have sorted out followed the right methodology. We even cautioned them that ought to any of the school’s property be vandalized, understudies will be considered responsible”, he said .

These students reprimanded the legislature for sending police refering to that their point was not to vandalize property but rather to exhibit calmly. They requested that the police ought to leave Chanco grounds since what they are organizing is a serene showing.

The Union of Chancellor College (SUCC) president Sylvester James said they were uncomfortable with the presence of the police during their demos.

“We would prefer not to be encompassed by police since we are holding a tranquil demonstrations”, he was cited saying.

On Tuesday morning, irate Chanco students blocked US second lady Dr. Jill Biden’s motorcade at Matawale in Zomba when she was heading to Machinga District. The students blazed tires out and about for her not to cross the street. This episode incited the Police to utilize teargas to suppress the circumstance.

Dr. Jill Biden is in the nation to highlight young ladies’ instruction, ladies’ strengthening and nourishment security.

The US second lady Dr. Jill Biden who was accompanied by the Minister of Education Emmanuel Fabiano and the US ambassodor to Malawi, Virginia Palmer returned to Blantyre.

The function in Machinga is said to have been called off on the grounds that they couldn’t continue after Chanco students hindered the street in Zomba.

It is not known when the Chancellor Collage will be opened once more.



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