Mighty Be – Forward Wanderers Fires Their Coaches.

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The Malawian football giant, Mighty Beforward Wanderers have sacked their mentors Edington Ng’onamo and his assistant Eliya Kanaji.

The two mentors have at long last been let go at Wanderers Camp because of poor results and have been supplanted with Yasin Osman and Bob Mpinganjira

Yasin Osman has since assumed control as head mentor with Bob Mpinganjira named as his right hand mentor.

The newly appointed coaches have already started working such that they led Wednesday’s training session.

The Mighty Be Forward Wanderers has been performing ineffectively in recent matches a development which conveyed blended perspectives on whether to change the entire technical staff or fire their mentors. Subsequent to thinking of it as profoundly, the administration has chosen to mitigate their strategists and acquire new staff.

The news of sacking the mentors has been received with various responses, a few Wanderers supporters are stating that its wrong to fire coaches on numerous occasions. They furthermore said the problem is with some of the players who don’t play their hearts out amid the matches.

“We have players who don’t play for their team with passion, this is a contributing component to the poor execution. We require players who will play their hearts out for the team”, said a few supporters.

On the other hand, some bolstered the choice of relieving the couple from their duties refering to that the new mentors will bring change to the team.

“We all know what Bob Mpinganjira used to do amid his football carrier at Wanderers, he played with enthusiasm and we hope his experience will help the team to perform well”, they said.



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