Britain And America Will Never Invade Foreign Countries Again, Theresa May

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theresa may and trump

Britain and America will never invade foreign countries in an attempt to impose their ideology.

While addressing the US Republican politicians in Philadelphia, the British Prime Minister promise not to follow in the foot steps of Tony Blair, David Cameron in repeating “a complete failed policies of the past government.”

Theresa May made a clear reference with the invasion and destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan by George W Bush and Tony Blair.

Her comments are a repudiation of the doctrine of Liberal intervention set out by Tony Blair in his speech in Chicago in 1999.

Theresa May’s speech came as she met Donald Trump in the white house as the first foreign leader to meet the new President.

Also, there are talks between the two nations on a new free trade deal to be announced after Britain leaves the European Union.

She also said that the US and UK will forge a new special relationship that will ensure that the rising economies of China, India and other Asian countries does not lead an eclipse of the west.

She also promises to address supposed Russian aggression and its influence of Iran and the middle east.

Theresa May said she will bond with President Trump in spite of the personality differences between them. But the two leaders have signs of more policy differences.

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