BRITAIN: The Fate Of JO COX Makes Brexit Impossible

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By Eutychus Yamikani

Just days after Jo Cox was brutally murdered in broad day light, polls have been shifted again in favour of the remaining camp in the ongoing EU Britain campaign referendum.

Opinion polls and other survey indicates that the remaining campaign spearheaded by prime minister David Cameron are ahead of the Brexit camp with a slight margin.

The 41 year old mother of two, and British labour party Member of Parliament for Batley and spen constituencies, west of Yorkshire Jo Cox was shot and stabbed multiple times on June 16, 2016 and after battling with life at Leeds general infirmary, city of Leeds in the United Kingdom she died.

According to the BBC, one eye witness heard her attacker shout “put Britain first” atleast twice before hand.

Mrs Cox was in favor of immigration policies by the Cameron government and campaign for Britain to remain in the EU, and her death has been described by some as ‘a relief by fate to David Cameron and his remaining camp.’
The man in custody was arrested in Market Street, not far from Birstall Library where Mrs. Cox was holding a constituency surgery. He has been named locally as Tommy Mair who has connection with white supremacy groups.

However after suspending their campaign to mourn the death of Jo Cox by both camps, on Sunday the campaigning trucks returned, but as expected with a different tone.

David Cameron in the Sunday times was quoted saying Britain is at a crossroad:

“we face an existential choice on Thursday.”

Even though different Survey show a slight lead by the remaining camp, there is no certainty in these opinionated polls as the race is still 50/50.

The decision that Britons are to make on 23rd of June 2016 will be a one time life opportunity for atleast a generation.

Even the harsh talk Boris Johnson on Sunday changed in reminiscing Jo Cox as he only focused on their point ‘of making Britain great again.’

Cameron and Michael Howe of the Brexit have once appeared on sky TV answering to question from a live audience, and as expected the results showcased the weaknesses in both two sides as there were no specific measures underlined to control immigration for the remaining camp, and there was no case to verify whether Britain has really lost its sovereignty since it joined the EU.

The bottom line is both camps have filled their arguments with more less of rhetoric speeches, ofcourse with a little change of tone; with no hate remarks this time.
Mrs. Cox’s husband, Brendan Cox said his wife would want people “unite to fight against the hatred that killed her.’’

Mrs. Cox is the first sitting Mp to be killed since 1990, when Ian Gow was the last in a string of politicians to die at the hands of Northern Irish terror groups.

Labour leader Mr Corbyn described her as a much loved colleague:

“Jo died doing her public duty at heart of our democracy, listening to and representing the people she was elected to serve.

Her young children will grow up without their mum, but can be immensely proud of what she did, what she achieved and what she stood for.”

US secretary of state John Kerry also sent his condolences and said: “it is an assault on everybody who cares about and has faith in democracy.

Jo Cox graduated from Cambridge University in 1995 and went on to become head of policy at Oxfam.

Meanwhile Britons have a job to do on 23 June 2016 when the remain camp is expected to honor Cox death with their vote or they will not compromise with emotions and vote based on their true reality, on the other hand, maybe the BREXIT camp my just pull another Boris Johnson Trump like spell, and take Britain out of the EU when the results will be released on Friday the 24th of June 2016.

NB: “MPs, have a tendency to believe that they are specially virtuous, like Newspapermen” by Peter Oborne

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