British Bus Driver Wins 6 Million Pounds On Lotto.

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A bus driver from Crewe in England, won lotto amounting to 6 million pounds during the Wednesday’s draw.

The 57 year old Kelvin Jones, from Northern England, was astonished when he found out that he has accumulated that huge amount of money unexpectedly.

“This is amazing indeed, I was not expecting this thing to happen to me so soon, we had nothing at our house after experiencing two break-ins while we were living in Spain. We were left with nothing”, said Kelvin.

The new lotto millionaire said he was living in Spain with his family but he experienced a different life there and he decided to come back to England to start over again.

According to Mr Jones, he said he saw the lotto  results online while he was already at work on an early shift. He then sent the ticket to the National Lottery for confirmation and then found out that he is the new lotto Millionaire.

His wife, Michele, was also overwhelmed when she received the news from her husband that the bad luck they had in Spain has been washed away.

I was excited after the news broke out that we have won that huge amount of money. Bad luck can happen to anyone, we have experienced that too, but now things will be much better in our family”, said Michele.

Kelvin Jones is expected to hand over his notice to the company he is working for so that he should spend much time with his family and plan well for their future.


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