Chancellor College Finally To Open After Closing Last Year

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Chancellor College students will breathe a sigh of relief as it has been announced that classes for the current academic year will begin soon.

According to the statement released by the College indicates that it will have a double cohort of first years; those selected in 2016 and attended orientation programme in March 2017 and those selected in 2017 and have not attended orientation.

The opening arrangements are as follows:-

1.10th July 2017: Orientation of Year one generic students selected in 2017 (the intake that did not come for orientation)

2. 17th July 2017: Beginning of classes for the following groups:

  • Year one generic students selected in 2016
  • Year one generic students selected in 2017
  • Year one Bachelor of Laws (Honours)
  • selected in 2017
  • All continuing generic students

3. 21st July 2017 Year 3 and Year 4 Bachelor of

Arts in Human Resource Management.

4 . 7th August 2017 Year 3 Bachelors of Arts in

Communication and Cultural Studies (mature

entry selected in 2016 and 2017)


Students are advised to start paying tuition fees contribution immediately through National Bank of Malawi using their 12 digit individual student account numbers assigned by the College. Students are being advised that payment can be made at the counter or through Mo626. The depositor, Section on the bank deposit slip, should bear 12 digit account number.

All new students are advised that they will be allocated students account numbers when they report for orientation.


Online registration will open from 10th July 2017. The College is encouraging students to start registering immediately the portals are open for registration. Only students who will pay 50% of their financial contribution shall be allowed to register. Students who fail to register by 28th July 2017 shall be deemed to have voluntarily withdrawn unless they ask the College to reserve their place


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