Chaponda Accumulated Billions Of Kwacha Including Properties Overseas?

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Unofficial figures obtained by one of our investigative reporter on the ground continue to strongly indicate that the measure of plunder and mismanagement of public funds by Dr Chaponda and his counterparts will only get worse

Despite ascensions that Chaponda may  not be  a thief after all, a billionaire, master minder of cashgate  and a liar, the list of bank accounts and properties leaked from within the top government sources indicate otherwise. Take a look at this unofficial list of the said, ill gotten wealth which he got through cashgate and other dubious means. Please take note that some of the figures below were deliberately trimmed.

# Currently FDH bank has K873,453.972.13 for George Chaponda

1-MK40 million house is Lilongwe plot 43/2/125
2- K30 million house in Lilongwe
3- K100 million in Lilongwe plot 11/9
4- K60 million house in Lilongwe plot 12^152
5-K100 million house in Blantrye plot NY 667
6- K70 million house in Blantrye plot NY 668
7- Euro 250,000 house in France
8- K15 million house in Malanga plot 37/7

Houses of Dr George Chaponda in the name of immediate family

1- K20 million house in Blantrye plot NE 12
2- K150 million hotel in Limbe Oasis hotel
3- K6 million house Limbe KJ23/12
4- K60 million house in Blantrye plot NY68
5- K6 million plot 466 in LL under constriction
6- K6 million plot 46 in LL under construction
7- K30 million plot 43 LL under construction
8- K8 million plot under construction
9- K 800, 000 house Lucheza
10- K700,000 plot Lucheza

11- K7 million house Lucheza
12- K1 million plot in Mangochi under construction
13- K2 million house Chonde
14- K100 million house Chiradzuro
15- K70 million farm Mangochi
16- K25 million cottage Mangochi
17- K6 million house Chigumula plot 15
18- K6 million house Blantrye plot NY666
19- K2 million house Lunzu
20- K8 million house LL plot 49.

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