Charlie Sheen, Brand Ambassador For New Safer Condoms

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Actor Charlie Sheen who starred in a film called Two And A Half Men, is helping to promote a re-engineered condom. The actor who went in public last year and announced that he has been diagnosed with HIV, he has also said that he regret for not using a condom constantly.

The Two And A Half Men actor is currently a brand ambassador and he is promoting “Lelo Hex”, a condom that uses a hexagonal structure in the latex that is designed to reduce the chances of breaking.

Addressing the press conference this week, he said he is happy that he went on public and do something which is has a lot of negatives and life disruptive.

“I am proud of what I did by telling the public that I am HIV positive. We should not sweet sweep HIV under the carpet, but we should address it”, said Sheen.

The actor further urged the public to take only five seconds of inconvenience and they can prevent a lifetime of grief and suffering.

“Some people don’t want to talk about it because they believe it cannot happen to them, I   also felt the same way, but that’s not the reality of life, we need to think twice before disputing this”, he said.

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