Chibok schoolgirl has been found in Nigeria, the first to be rescued

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Boko Haram’s Chibok stunt which saw over 218 girls evaporate into thin air stunned many people across the globe. Government leaders including the US President Barack Obama’s efforts to bring back the girls has yielded nothing for almost two years now.

In a new twist of events just unfolding Amina Ali Nkeki who is now 19 has just been rescued together with a little baby who is believed to have been born in captivity. Amina was just 17 years old and studying in Chibok Girls Boarding school when she was abducted by Bokoharam.

Though police and Military Joint forces has tirelessly tried to track the where a bouts of the missing girls One of the Joint task force generals confided to our reporter that they are very much hopeful that the rest of the girls will be found and  suspected Boko haram militants responsible will be brought to Justice

When asked how she was rescued the official said Amina Ali Nkeki was found carrying a baby by an army-backed vigilante group on Tuesday in the huge Sambisa Forest, close to the border with Cameroon.

She was in company of what we believe now to be a Bokoharam operative suspect whose member ship to the Boko Haram Islamist group is yet to be confirmed.


However the Nigerian military was able to identify the suspected Boko Haram fighter as Mohammed Hayatu. In his defense when questioned about the state of the affair between them he was quick to say the lady was his wife.

Mohammed Hayatu has been arrested and taken to the regional capital Maiduguri, along with Amina and her baby, where  medical teams are carrying on tests to establish the well being of the mother and child.

Speaking to our reporter Aboku Gaji, leader of the JTF in the northern part of Chibok Nigeria, he said “The moment this girl was discovered by our vigilantes, she was brought to my house. I instantly recognised her, and insisted we should take her to her parents.

“When we arrived at the house… ┬áthe mother immediately identified the girl shouting her name: ‘Amina, Amina!’ She was obviously overwhelmed with joy and gave her now returned daughter and grand child the biggest hug ever.


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