Chief Zinazongwe Worried With The Increase Of Crocodiles In Lake Kariba

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By: Bright Chikele..

THE Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DWNP) should find means of cropping crocodiles on Lake Kariba because the alligators have increased in number and are killing my people, Chief Sinazongwe has said.

The traditional leader said the reluctance by the department to address the situation despite constant reminders was annoying, saying the situation was getting out of hand as human and animal life had continued to be lost every year while no action had been taken.

He said his appeals to DWNP to either crop the beasts or engage crocodile farmers to relocate them from the lake to their private facilities had fallen on deaf ears, adding that a lot of animals were likely to be killed this year due to the dry spell that had characterised the previous rain season as the animals would be forced to ply the waters in search of green grass that grew near the shore.

He said most of the people in his chiefdom were farmers who depended on the lake for their livelihood through fishing and gardening but that their lives were at risk due to the number of crocodiles on the water body.


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