Childrens books: Is It Parental Selective Mind Control?

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Childrens books: Is It Parental Selective Mind Control?

diary-wimpy-kid-bookChildren’s books have been around and used  for years by many parents to horn life skills for children at home. As a parent myself, i read my kids bed time stories every night. I must confess  that its one of the best times i have with them as we tend to have our own reading  routine , where they get to choose an old book and a new book. My local children’s library is an oasis for children’s books. You don’t always have to buy children’s books, the trick is in finding the balance between books you have to buy for them to keep and ones you just borrow for a short reading  experience. Diary wimpy kid Is one of my daughter’s best books i collect for her reading time which she loves. So when a diary of a wimpy kid movie came out I decided to hold it off from watching ‘Diary Wimpy Kid’. My expectation was that it would  be just like another stupid, charmless kids movie adaptation from one of the greatest children’s books ever writen. The type of which I’ve seen so often,and i didn’t want to ruin my daughter’s experience with diary wimpy kid. But no, it was actually very entertaining and a pleasure from beginning to end.

About The Children’s Books “Diary Wimpy Kid Series

If you haven’t read the children’s books ‘Diary of a wimpy kid’, the plot itself is one that I think many people will be able to relate to (me especially), young Greg who is the lead character in diary wimpy kid, longs to become famous in his middle school, but he just isn’t seen by his peers as ‘cool’, and the worst part of all is that he’s got to survive it all for  the whole year. This movie is children’s books series that has just been adapted into a movie in a unique way, bringing the book characters Greg and Rowley into real life. This movie doesn’t need sex or drug references for it to be funny, which other films do to make it more funnier. I particularly enjoyed Devon Bostick as Greg’s tormenting older brother Roderick in the children’s books, and some of their early scenes together are fantastic. The importance of friendship is also highlighted throughout, but isn’t over-done which made for a refreshing change also.
Now you might be wondering what’s the main point for me to be writing about these children’s books. Many parents have their own unique way of raising their kids. This is why i like the idea of no parenting manual except for this book on Amazon <<<KIDS DON’T COME WITH A MANUAL>> … which begs to differ with the majority. Not that i want to pick a fight with the writer, but if you are going to write a book about parenting and raising kids with confidence then yeah you are going to need other people’s life experiences carefully sorted and mixed with our own interpretation of what is right for our own kids.children's books  Some parents have taught their children about online security,you know the same basic BS every parent has to do when giving a “how to use technology”? Erm don’t use your real name, location or school when signing up or posting stuff to online platforms. And It is important for them to know these things. For example, I want my kids to know how to leverage technology nowadays to develop their writing skills by writng simple blogs. At the same time to also think about digital footprint and what future employers might be able to find. I do believe that life is about creating yourself and not about finding yourself. I mean, how do you go finding yourself if you did not create what you want to find in the first place? In the children’s books , diary wimpy kid books is about a kid who is torn between finding himself and creating himself.

How To Choose Children’s Books For Bed Time Story Reading?

choiceWhen choosing a story book for your kids bed time story reading, don’t just read them a hypnotist’s  story so that you can rush out to snuggle up to your other half to catch up on Games of Thrones. But read them stories with an end game in mind, ask them questions about what they understand about the story and how they relate to it. If reading is planting seeds into their lives. If its a way of Modeling them or whipping them into shapes and forms we find to be desirable in our eyes and others. Then my question to you is, what sort of masterpiece are you creating out of your children’s books as a future investment into the society?

For me, Mandela’s quote for learned lesson of love and hate puts everthing into perspective. No one is born hating another person. The same can be said about influencing positive attitude and desirable skills development in our kids. Kids must learn from their parents, and if they can learn to be strong and think for themselves from you , they can go out and survive whatever life throws at them. Influencing our Kids through careful selection of children’s books comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.

While many parents worry and agonize over the thought of letting their ten year olds use technology, my sincere belief is that the benefits of blogging or vloging  outweighs any potential risks. ‘When a child has got a space to write whatever they like it encourages them to be more creative. I have come across many testimonies where a parent has said,” My son is writing and reading more since he started his blog – and it has improved his grades at school.”  Sometimes statements like “Just be yourself.” Sounds so cliché, right? But sometimes clichés like these are based in truth.

I know for a fact that many people would frown at the idea of influencing your kids through selective reading, the irony is every parent wants either to be a role model or looks out for one she can use to model her kids. So when you read children’s books like diary of a wimpy kid , don’t be surprised to find young “Greg and Rowley”in the diary wimpy kid characters are struggling to be themselves in a world that is constantly trying to make them into something else that isn’t anywhere near their true self. It is equally important to realize  that despite being the parents and adults to our kids we have limited perceptions. We must therefore be cautious not to allow our own limited perceptions to define our kids abilities. Protecting our children is just as important as enabling them to dream and and pursuing that dream safely.


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Authored by Eddie  McFarren

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