CHINA: Chinese Detergent Company Apologises For a Racist Advertisement.

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Internet users were angered by the Chinese advertisement which went viral on social media by depicting it as racist.

A company in China which makes detergent has apologized for a television advertisement that made many people in China and around the globe say its a “RACIST ADVERT”.

The advertisement called “Qiaobi” which went viral on YouTube, shows a black man wolf-whistles at an attractive Chinese woman who beckons him over. She then takes a detergent packet which she stuffs it in the mouth of a black man and then shoves his head into a washing machine.

Just after few minutes, the woman opens the lid and a fairly attractive looking Asian man pops out.

In their statement, the company, Shanghai Leishang CosmeticsĀ  said they are sorry for the advertisement which has been considered racist by many. They further said the media has overblown the issue which led to the outcry of the people.

“We are very sorry for what the advertisement may have caused to other people. We did not intend to hurt anyone. We sincerely apologise to all internet users who have watched this video”, said the company.

To show there sincere apology, the company said it has removed an online version of the advertisement even though it can still appear on YouTube and other video platforms.

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